3 Day Canadian Experience Multi-Adventure Trip




This exciting “mini-vacation” is a great way to discover the forests of Algonquin Park area. It is also an exhilarating introduction to several winter sports – all at an affordable price! Dog sledding, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. We stay in the cozy comforts of the remote wilderness Algonquin Eco-Lodge. It’s right out in the bush, but it comes complete with an outdoor hot tub and wood-fired sauna! Perfect for relaxing after a hard day of having fun in

For those requesting transportation, we begin our trip at Finch Subway station on Friday morning and start our journey up north. We will travel through scenic farm land and picturesque “cottage country”. When combined with the bright winter sun and a blanket of crisp white snow, the views can be breathtaking.

the snow! It is run with alternative energy created from our own waterfall, so you don’t need to worry about sleeping in a tent and being cold at night. Unless you’d like to try your hand at building a “Quinzee” (a traditional snow hut) and sleep there for the night. Knowing that there is a warm room nearby always makes this idea more appealing!

We arrive at the Eco-Lodge, on the southern border of Algonquin Park, by early afternoon. It is here that we meet up with our dog sled teams. Following an introduction to the dogs and instruction on how to handle the sleds we set off for a 2 hour dog sled ride. This is always an exciting experience – the dogs barking and pulling at the dogsleds, the trees whipping past us, and the breeze in our faces. We dogsled into the majestic forests surrounding Algonquin Park along private trails. There is also a good chance that we may see some wildlife like moose or even a lone wolf!

Our second day’s activity is Cross Country Skiing. We strap on our cross country skis and follow the groomed ski trails through Algonquin Park. Our trail will lead us through hardwood bush – an excellent place to see moose or their tracks in the snow at the very least. We will stop for a trail lunch in a quaint prospectors’ tent for a chance to rest and warm up by a roaring fire.

We trade in our skis for Snowshoes on our third day. Again we voyage into the forests of Algonquin Park, but today we make our own trails! As we snowshoe our way through the crisp and untouched snow we should keep an eye out for the ever present signs of wildlife. This is how much of Canada was traveled – you can almost imagine yourself as a seasoned explorer!

Trip includes:

  • ½ day of Dog Sledding
  • 1 day of Cross Country Skiing
  • ½ day of Snowshoeing
  • Carbon-neutral Hot Tub & Wood-fired outdoor Sauna
  • Polar Bear Dip (if you’re brave enough!)
  • Accommodations, Equipment, Guides, Meals (dinner first day to lunch on last day)

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