Customer Comments

Robins’ help made my stay and snowmobile / dog sled tours easy and enjoyable.

Mike Sheridan, United Kingdom – 12/03/17

I just came back from the 3 day trip at Algonquin Park. I wanted to let you know how wonderful the trip was, mainly because of our guide Trevor. He did a fantastic job and was knowledgeable, patient and flexible which made the trip so enjoyable.

We enjoyed the trip so much that we are considering booking a second 3 day trip in the fall.

Lauren Curtis Toronto, ON – 11/07/14

Thank you for the canoe trip , My husband and I really enjoy it . it’s a wonderful experience.

Lan Yu Barrie, ON – 16/09/12

Just wanted to give my whole hearted thanks for being such a great guide this weekend. It is often really hard for me with dietary restrictions to really enjoy myself……I’m not really that fun when I’m hungry! But you guys were amazing. I was in BC when Eva asked me if I would go with her and I didn’t have a computer so I wasn’t really sure what I had signed up for but I’m glad I did it. My only regret is that I’m already home in Toronto. I hope to be able to do another one of your company’s adventures soon and hopefully you can teach me a few more constellations.

Krystal Fox Toronto, ON – 03/08/12

This was the most amazing trip for me and my twelve year old son. It was a great introductory to Algonquin Park and what it has to offer – we will return. The trip was physically demanding, yet mentally relaxing – absolutely glorious. Our guide, Trevor, prepared the most delicious camping meals we have ever tasted – using three pots and a Coleman two-burner stove – there was a fire ban, so no campfire to assist. Trevor took into consideration the fact that we had three kids (ages 11, 12 and 13) in our group and accommodated them with thoughtfulness. Thank you Trevor and Call of the Wild for a wonderful adventure.

Donna Campbell Kingston, ON – 27/07/12

Huw and I had a brilliant time at the Park and want to thank you and your company for looking after us and making it a really fun experience. Can you please pass on our compliments to Darren, who was a brilliant guide. He seemed to be able to do everything and anything with great skill and ease. We were so impressed. He made sure the whole group was very well looked after and he showed great patience with some of the group (me, for example) who were complete beginners to canoeing. He also made sure we always had loads of tasty food and drink.

Vince Deehan London, England – 13/09/10

I just want to let you know that my canoe trip with Darren starting Aug 23 was great. Darren was a wonderful guide. He was competent, amusing, and has excellent interpersonal skills. Just perfect. And his cooking was awesome.

Don Cooper Toronto, ON – 26/08/10

Dear Call of the Wild team (esp Robin & Trevor),

My fiance and I did a trip to Algonquin from 28th June -1st July (Canada Day!) with a German couple and with Trevor as our guide. Just wanted to say a huge thanks again to Robin (for handling my multiple queries prior to booking the trip) and MOST OF ALL to our amazing guide, Trevor…it was without a doubt the absolute highlight of our trip to Canada and we plan to return to Algonquin in the future without a doubt!

Andrea Dwayne, England – 06/08/10

Just returned from the Algonquin Park canoe trip with “Call of the Wild”, I would like to give you a short feed back. The tour was pretty well organized: You kept all schedules right on time, all administration issues were cleared in advance and there was plenty of food. I appreciate this. Our group did a long loop on the second day and this tour was a nice mixture of adventure, endeavour and fun. I enjoyed it very much. For me important to mention: Trevor made an excellent job. He tied the group together and established a good team spirit. He set the options and we could make our choices. Where necessary he taught us what to do (or did it himself). And for Trevor’s cooking: LEKKER! So I think he is a big asset in your company. I’ll sure recommend “Call of the Wild” to my friends.

Martin Ehret Freiburg, Germany – 24/05/10

Thank you for a fantastic trip – Sarah was a good host and we all love Algonquin Park. Good luck for the future.

Susan Edwards Nottingham, England – 22/08/08

Thank you for an amazing trip and for an outstanding “Indiana Dan” as a tour guide. I have told countless people about it so hopefully some will also take the experience.

Vince Ricci Oakville, ON – 18/08/08

I would just like to thank you and let you know how much my family and I enjoyed our 1/2 day dog sledding trip. We went out March 10 for a treat for my sons birthday, he was so thrilled but I think that the adults loved it even more. The guide was wonderful and it exceeded all our expectations.

Cathan DeForest Georgetown, ON – 10/03/07

I was on the canoe trip from Sept 25-28, 06 with your company. I just wanted to let you know it was really enjoyable. We had a nice mix of people, and Rebecca is a very capable guide. I am glad I had the opportunity to experience Algonquin again.

Laurie Featherstone KY, USA – 25/09/06

My son and I had an unbelievable time on the four day intermediate canoe trip in Algonquin. We both enjoyed the time bonding together as well as the time within the group. The paddling and portaging were challenging and enjoyable. Great ‘character building’ for my son. The time at the campsite was fun, full of laughs and interesting conversation. With your expertise, supplies, and food preparation, this was a perfect way for us to canoe and camp in Algonquin for the first time. I definitely recommend Call of The Wild and Algonquin Park to everybody.

Mike Balnar Puslinch ,ON – 04/08/06

Many thanks for the wonderful 4 day trip we took from June 19th-22nd. I couldn’t commend our guide (Tim) enough. An excellent guide, an informed teacher of local wildlife and history and an excellent cook! We had a fantastic time and I’m be glad to write a commendation/review for your website.

Richard McGuinness Ireland – 19 06 06

Hi, would you please pass on our thanks to Brad who took us out for the day last Friday; we had a really enjoyable day and haven’t stopped talking about it since. Brad was really good with us and very patient and the whole experience was the highlight of our holiday. We will definately recommend the trip to our friends. John and Cathy Cook England – 03 01 06

I have returned to Australia. I had a great time in Algonquin Park with the Call of the Wild group in summer 2004. I still get emails & photos from the other campers. Our continuing enjoyment reflects proudly on your company. Kevin Arthur Australia – 06 12 05

Maureen & Robin, Hi ya doing. Just wanted to let you know how much my family and I enjoyed the entire weekend. Samantha & Jennifer, our daughters were just amazed with all the people and how nice they were. My daughter Samantha wrote a poem about her experience which you have a copy of, that says it all. Brad was a great guide. This adventure seemed to bring out what family & friends really mean. I was asked many times by friends and co-workers how I liked the dog sledding adventure. My exact words were, “there are no words to explain the experience, you have to live it to understand it”. The feeling I had and the memories my family were left with is priceless. You have a top notch operation. We will see you next year God willing. Thank You Joseph & Amy Shelley Port Allegany, PA, USA – 18 02 05

Hi Robin & Maureen, This is just a quick email to say thank you so much for a wonderful few days at Call Of The Wild. The huskying and snow shoe walk were amazing and I would recommend the trip to anyone. You made New Year’s Eve different, enjoyable and a night we won’t forget! You were brilliant and I appreciate all that you did for us. Many thanks. Lisa Chelton Cayman Islands – 01 01 05

Hi there Robin & Maureen I have just got though my backlog of e-mails and thought I would like to contact the both of you to express my gratitude for the amazing experience I had in Canada. Whilst at home here I cannot forget the seemingly unspoilt wilderness I experienced while I was in Algonquin park. I look at my photos, listen to the sound track of the Wolves on your web site and know that I have been there, seen and heard all this, WoW!!!. To understand just what it all meant to me, let me tell you, ever since I was wee lad I have been looking at pictures and reading books about the great outdoors, mainly about Canada. Wolves have always intrigued me, to me they are the symbol of the wildest side of life, the persecuted survivors. To see and hear the wolves was like a dream come true. The guys I went camping with were a great little group, Tim, Rebecca and Wayne were a pleasure to be with. Tim was an excellent guide, looked after us well, cooked a wicked chilli one night (I don’t think the four of us were very eco friendly the next day though). And then the Lodge, as well as the welcome soft seats, hot shower and a decent cup of tea, you made me feel more than welcome, for this I cannot thank you both enough. I will be back one day, hopefully next year, perhaps with my daughter. Anyway all the best in life and in business, hope everything always goes well for both of you. Alan Crook England – 13 10 04

Maureen, thanks for organising a great trip. Now that we are back in Scotland it has inspired us to recreate the adventure in some of our lochs. Jack Welch Scotland – 23 09 04

Hi Maureen, it was a great trip, we loved every minute. Tim was great. Please tell him that the critter in his picture was a fisher,it looked too sweet to be so fierce. Dr. Ruth Dubin Kingston, ON – 20 09 04

Hi, Thanks for the trip of a life time. I hope to have this experience again… Teri Fonda California, USA – 20 08 04

Hi Maureen, Tim & Robin, Just wanted to thank you guys for organizing a great trip . I truly enjoyed it. Thanks again and see you hopefully soon. Dalia Salama Whitby, ON – 19 08 04

Hello!!! Today is my first day of work after three great days of adventure in Algonquin park. I just want to go back there… Tim did really a good job and I had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed these 3 days with him and the group. Yannick Willemin Toronto, ON – 16 08 04

Maureen, Would like to thank you for a great weekend, you are very good at what you do. Thanks again and we will definitely refer you to all my friends and co-workers. Line McKeigan Toronto, ON – 09 08 04

Hi Robin & Maureen. May I express my thanks for a most memorable experience I had both at the Lodge and The Barron Canyon trip. A life long ambition fulfilled. Phil Veit England – 06 08 04

Hi Robin, Maureen and team, I just wanted to say what a wonderful time I had over the last 3 days dog sledding. It was an experience of a lifetime and you and your team of experts made the whole trip truly memorable. Great service, great dogs, great guides, great scenery and a great team of people on my trip. Keep up the excellent work and one day, when I am back in Canada, I will be booking another wonderful adventure through Call Of The Wild. Once again, thanks for the opportunity and good luck with your futures. Sharon Porteous Auckland, New Zealand – 29 01 01

Thanks for a great trip this past weekend. I was hesitant to go this time because of the weather forecast, but in the end was glad that I did. I had a fine time despite the downpour that greeted us when we first loaded up the canoes. That was funny – all of us strangers standing in the pouring rain watching our stuff get soaked. You are a great guide – patient, knowledgeable and aptly equipped with a sense of humour. Anita Toronto, Ontario – 26 07 00

What a great 4-day trip! Now that I’m showered and have slept the trip gets even better! Many thanks for your organization and Maureen’s leadership. It was well planned, challenging and personally rewarding. I’m hoping to try a canoe trip (preferably Killarney) in the summer and will be watching for your schedules. Have a wonderful New Year and many thanks again! Heather Duncan Toronto, Ontario – 05 01 00

Thank you so much for an amazing trip – Killarney is really beautiful, and you are the perfect guide! Can’t wait to go on my next camping trip. Monica Nassar Toronto, Ontario – 30 07 99

Hi Robin, just wanted to send you a quick “Thank you” for the last weekend. It was way beyond what I expected it to be!! I think everybody had a wonderful time, I know I did!!!! Elisabeth Eckhardt Toronto, Ontario – 30 07 99

I wanted to also thank you again for the best holiday I ever had no joke! It was the best 500 bucks I ever spent and it really made me appreciate how good we have it here in Canada and how incredible it is here. I took it all for granted before if I ever thought about it, which I rarely did. Everywhere else was better I thought. No more!!! I am a born-again fanatic Canadian now!!! Mona Lisa Geneva, Switzerland – 12 01 99

Thanks for a wonderful insight to the real Canada. The 5 day trip to Algonquin Park was both the most relaxing and invigorating of our time spent in Canada. From the Northern lights to the gruelling portages, the waterfall showers to the evening baths in the lake, we enjoyed it all. We are now saving to return to Canada and experience the Call of The Wild again (Maybe in the winter this time). David Wayland and Ruth Gamble Nantwich, England – 24 08 98

I just wanted to thank-you for a great trip. And it was really great! As I’ve told many friends since I returned it was like camping with a group of friends; relaxed but with lots of activity and great, great fun. For me it was a wonderfult way to see and experience a part of Canada, which would have been very difficult on my own. Gerry Clabby Dublin, Ireland – 09 10 98

Hello Maureen, I hope everything is ok for you and you are not too tired after your 257th expedition in the Park… Benedicte and Juliette say hello to you. We really had a wonderful time with you in the Algonquin park… my shoulders still remember it. Keep well, Etienne France – 17 08 98

When I was sixteen I took a canoe trip on the Churchill River in the wilds of northern Saskatchewan. I still have wonderful memories of that experience, and think about it often. This summer, the eight day Ontario Adventure trip you took me on with my sixteen year-old son and nineteen year-old nephew vividly brought back those thirty year old memories. Our experience in Algonquin was just as wonderful as that trip so long ago. I believe that that my son and nephew now have something that they can think back on thirty years from now. Steven Schultz Buffalo, USA – 22 07 98

I am pleased to say that everyone really did enjoy the trip and can’t stop telling everyone what a great time they had with you guys. I am very grateful for your professional service and I do look forward to doing this with you again in the future. Timothy Ifill Integra Associate Ltd. England – 04 02 98

I got my pictures back and will get some of them in the mail to you as soon as possible. I look at them often and revisit Algonquin in my mind. Life will never be the same for me. I’ve been to Algonquin. I know it’s there, waiting, and perhaps one day I’ll return. I almost started to cry the morning we were breaking camp. I had found my spiritual home, visited it too briefly, and then had to leave. I’ve been very busy since I got back. Running at a hectic pace. Whenever things get to be a little too much, I just say to myself, “that’s O.K., I’ve been to Algonquin, and I will go back”. Thank you Robin. The trip wouldn’t have been possible for me without your knowledge and help, and patient tutoring. I sincerely hope this coming year is your best year ever. Kathleen Moore Hamilton, Ontario – 03 10 97

We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend at Algonquin and wish to thank you…Great guide, the trip was well organized, the food was good and we had fun! We will recommend Call Of The Wild whenever we can. Good luck and we hope to travel with you again sometime soon! Valerie and Walter Toronto, Ontario – 11 08 97

I had an exciting camping for three days. It was a first camping for me and I think I never be able to experience that kind of wild trip. Kaori Japan – 15 07 97

…was very knowledgable about the area where we camped & pointed out some very interesting things. I’m a first time camper & I had a really good time. Carolyn Bakolias Scarborough, Ontario – 20 07 97

Overall I had a great time. Thank you very much. It’s good to have a guide who knows what he is talking about (no B.S.) Barb Hammill Hamilton, Ontario – 13 07 97

Had a great time. Learned a lot about camping. Two thumbs up. Keep up the good work, you did a fantastic job.Brenda Soper Scarborough, Ontario – 04 08 97

I thought the guides’ experience, patience, and knowledge made the trip. I liked the flexibility of this trip. Gordon Baker Toronto, Ontario – 20 07 97

From a European person’s point of view it was an excellent opportunity to discover the real Canadian outdoors. The level of activity balanced with relaxation was perfect. Mighty great, mighty fun! Do it and enjoy it!! I couldn’t recommend it more. Mark Walsh Dublin, Ireland – 15 08 97

Surpassed all expectations – the relaxed atmosphere, the food, the fun, the breathtaking scenery, the tranquility, the amount I laughed and the friends I made all combined to make this trip unforgettable. Thanks!! Susan French Dublin, Ireland – 15 08 97

I really enjoyed the trip. Tasman (Deputy Dog) is worth his weight in gold. Robin’s calm, positive attitude were real “pluses”. His sense of humour never failed and his patience deserves a medal. It was truly an unforgettable trip – good company, good food, clean water, clean air, and an abundance of good humour, all added up to a great trip. It was sad to reach the end of it. Thank you so very much! Mary Lou McIvor Aylmer, Quebec – 20 08 97



I had a great time in Algonquin Park with the Call of the Wild group. I still get emails & photos from the other campers. Our continuing enjoyment reflects proudly on your company.

Kevin Arthur

I would like to thank you for a great weekend, you are very good at what you do. Thanks again and we will definitely refer you to all my friends and co-workers.

Line McKeigan
Toronto, ON

I just wanted to send you a quick “Thank you” for the last weekend. It was way beyond what I expected it to be!! I think everybody had a wonderful time, I know I did!!!!

Elisabeth Eckhardt
Toronto, ON

I wanted to let you know how wonderful the 3 day Algonquin Park canoe trip was. We enjoyed the trip so much that we are considering booking a second 3 day trip in the fall.

Lauren Curtis
Toronto, ON

Thanks for the trip of a life time. I hope to have this experience again…

Teri Fonda
California, USA

Thank you so much for a wonderful few days at Call Of The Wild. The huskying and snow shoe walk were amazing and I would recommend the trip to anyone.

Lisa Chelton
Cayman Islands

I would like to thank you for a great weekend, you are very good at what you do. Thanks again and we will definitely refer you to all my friends and co-workers.

Line McKeigan
Toronto, ON