Team Building Challenges

Suggested Team Building Activities

The following Team building programs are designed to be ideal for Conferences or Business Meetings. All options, combined with specific instructional exercises, create an effective, yet fun and exciting vehicle to enhance the original thought processes, as well as the personal contributive abilities of any group of people. Call Of The Wild will provide all props and safety equipment, and a thorough review of all equipment and safety issues will be demonstrated.

By the very nature of a new outdoor experience, teams will start to work better together, as their trust and intimacy levels develop in a “non traditional” environment. As the teams work together to achieve common goals, personal relations will be strengthened, since each person is forced to take into consideration the behaviours and attitudes of other members of the team.

Some of the options listed below are provided for entertainment only and do not have a team building theme related to them. However, they are good source of relaxation and enjoyment that can be inserted into a programme. They can be easily modified to suit customers’ needs.

These programs will provide team members with an excellent opportunity to appreciate each other’s skills and abilities, and yet still have fun. Combined with a Facilitator these programmes are a powerful venue to explore issues of Team Building, Communication, and Problem Solving.

Most of the programs are “mobile” and can be easily run at any country “lakeside” resort or at a conference centre in the city. They can be successfully operated anywhere in the world!

Time: Full Day
Group Size: 20-80

This one day program will focus around teams of 10 successfully navigating their way through the caverns, jungles, and rivers of the Andes Mountains. While searching for Inca secrets, teams find themselves trapped in an ancient tomb and racing against time to escape. In order to break out, they must scale cliffs, repair rope ladders, and use their wits. This is achieved by solving several riddles, puzzles, and problems. After barely escaping (hopefully!), teams discover that the secrets they were searching for are nothing less than the cure for a common corporate disease, “Stick In the Mud” syndrome. In order to profit from this discovery, teams must race each other back to civilization. However they encounter many obstacles along the way. They must pass through a piranha infested jungle swamp, scale a treacherous cliff, use a perilous rope bridge to cross a cavernous gorge, and avoid man eating poisonous spiders. Finally, they must race each other down the mighty Amazon River in native 10-person “War Canoes”. Battling each other every step of the way, they still must keep a wary eye out for the infamous head-hunters!

Time: Half Day
Group Size: 20-100

This program will focus around a homemade Raft Trip. The group will be broken into subgroups, or Teams, of about 8 or 9 people. The teams will work together to reach decisions on the how to best assemble a raft using equipment and props provided. The teams must then navigate a short route in shallow water to a pre-determined location. Once here the group will be given the task of starting a fire, but they are required to perform a small team building task (such as Magic Stick©, or Pick-a-Plate©) in order to receive fire-starting materials. This is an excellent opportunity to observe the group dynamics.

Time: Half Day
Group Size: 20-100

This unique activity centres on building and sailing a Coracle, a traditional British sailing vessel. Participants are split into teams of 5 or 6, and given a half hour to choose materials (PVC pipe, tarps, string, and duct tape – nothing else!), and hour and a half to build it (and have it approved by the “Safety Inspector”), and then sail a relay race. This fun activity demands a lot of planning and cooperation, as well as team support. A change of clothes is also recommended!

Time: 2-3 Hours
Group Size: 40-100

Clients are told that they have survived a plane crash while away on business. They have landed in a deserted forest and need to survive until a rescue team finds them. They will be given a list of items (building materials, berries, etc) that they need to acquire in order to survive. Experts will be available by walkie-talkie to answer a limited number of questions before the batteries fade. Participants will need to plan their questions and actions accordingly. As an option, a second team can be assigned as the rescue squad.

Time: Half Day
Group Size: 40-100

This is a half-day program made up of a series of team building games such as Spiders Web, Centipede, Three Blind Mice©, and Toxic Island. Selections of games are chosen based on clients needs. Several challenges, each lasting about 30 minutes have been designed for teams, which place emphasis on trust, communication, and teamwork. Teams must navigate a section of trail while blindfolded (Three Blind Mice©), or through a network made of rope (Spiders Web), and reach a destination using only 2×4’s without touching the ground (Centipede). Other games are also available. We will establish a 5 station circular route for the teams to traverse.

Time: Half or Full Day
Group Size: 20-300

This is an exciting and innovative approach to team building. Teams of 21 people will paddle their own dragon boat, with the assistance of the staff steers-person. It is perfect way to enhance communication skills. Above all Dragon Boat Racing is great fun! It’s the ultimate team sport where 20 paddlers, paced by a drummer at the bow and guided by a steers-person at the stern must paddle in unison. Your group will experience the exhilaration of collaborative teamwork, as they glide through the water. Depending on location there may be an extra transportation charge.

Time: Half Day
Group Size: 20-140

A “Coureur de Bois” (“Runner of the Woods”) is a French or Metis fur trader who worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company. Our brave explorers will become fur traders themselves, venturing out into the wild unknown in search of their fortunes. They will have to complete several team challenges that simulate a marsh crossing, traversing a bottomless canyon, and escaping from monstrous Canadian spiders. For each challenge that is overcome the teams are rewarded with valuable trading goods. They must then race each other, using 10-person native “War Canoes”, to the local Trading Post. Along the way they need to be wary of competing teams, as well as the possibility of marauding Natives.

Time: Two Days
Group Size: 8-60

Our overnight programs challenge the individual in a mystical, wilderness setting. Individuals are expected to partake in all aspects of an overnight camping trip, such as canoeing, portaging, gathering firewood and building the fire, setting up camp, cooking and sleeping under the stars in tents. This is an ideal way for individuals to learn skills required for camping and to achieve personal goals. Also, the camp duties promote teamwork since one person cannot do all the work that is required. This is a good opportunity to see how people will react to a team situation.

Time: 2-3 Hours
Group Size: 500

Wolf howling excursions take place any time of the year in Algonquin Park for group sizes up to 500 people. Our staff will guide you through a memorable night of listening for wolves to answer human imitations of their howls. As an added feature, we can arrange for a real wolf (and birds of prey) to be in attendance during an informative presentation, for an additional fee.

Time: 2-3 Hours
Group Size: 100/Show

Imagine sitting around a campfire listening to age-old legends and stories as told by a Native Indian Elder. This cultural experience details the stories behind native legends, different native dances, and the meaning of the drum. You can also learn how to prepare local native foods, or the true art of making moccasins. Of course group participation is required.

Other Available Options:

  • Sailing Regatta
  • Circus Training
  • Fishing Derby
  • White Water Rafting
  • Snowmobile Safaris
  • Dog Sledding Expeditions



I had a great time in Algonquin Park with the Call of the Wild group. I still get emails & photos from the other campers. Our continuing enjoyment reflects proudly on your company.

Kevin Arthur

I would like to thank you for a great weekend, you are very good at what you do. Thanks again and we will definitely refer you to all my friends and co-workers.

Line McKeigan
Toronto, ON

I just wanted to send you a quick “Thank you” for the last weekend. It was way beyond what I expected it to be!! I think everybody had a wonderful time, I know I did!!!!

Elisabeth Eckhardt
Toronto, ON

I wanted to let you know how wonderful the 3 day Algonquin Park canoe trip was. We enjoyed the trip so much that we are considering booking a second 3 day trip in the fall.

Lauren Curtis
Toronto, ON

Thanks for the trip of a life time. I hope to have this experience again…

Teri Fonda
California, USA

Thank you so much for a wonderful few days at Call Of The Wild. The huskying and snow shoe walk were amazing and I would recommend the trip to anyone.

Lisa Chelton
Cayman Islands

I would like to thank you for a great weekend, you are very good at what you do. Thanks again and we will definitely refer you to all my friends and co-workers.

Line McKeigan
Toronto, ON