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Algonquin Adventure Pass - 7 Days

7 Days & 6 Nights of Wilderness, City, & Village

This exciting package will allow backpackers to explore the best Ontario has to offer. The "Algonquin Adventure Pass" includes an exciting 4 day wilderness canoe trip into Algonquin Park, a one night stay at the HI Algonquin Backpackers in Maynooth (the gateway to Algonquin Park), one night at the HI Hostel in Toronto (the vibrant multicultural heart of Canada), and one night at the HI Hostel in Ottawa (the old city jail in the capital of Canada).

Included in the package is:

Note: Trip can start at HI Algonquin and finish at either HI Toronto or HI Ottawa. Additional nights in Ottawa, Toronto or Maynooth can be purchased at the Hostel. Hostel costs in Toronto or Ottawa are not included in Pass price. GST is extra.

Viewing Moose from a canoe in Algonquin Park

7 Day Pass HI Members $541.30 tax incl.
7 Day Pass Non Members $604.15 tax incl.

Transportation Available

4 Day Algonquin Park Wilderness Canoeing Trip

People with a sense of adventure will love this trip! It is geared towards beginners who want to sample the real Canadian wilderness. By running them midweek we will also avoid much of the crowds found on busier weekend routes. We provide all food, all equipment (except personal items like sleeping bags, flashlights, etc. - a packing check list is provided, and these items can be rented.

Day 1
Accommodation at either HI Toronto or Hi Ottawa

Day 2 (Monday)
Pickup at Finch Subway Station or HI Algonquin Backpackers in Maynooth on Monday morning. After a leisurely drive through the heart of Ontario farm land and cottage country we will have lunch on the shores of Rock Lake in Algonquin Park. With our "Expedition weight" kevlar canoes we will paddle into one of the interior lakes of the park (Pen Lake). Before we start our guide will instruct everyone on the necessary skills and techniques for canoeing. After this 4 day canoe trip you won't be an expert but you will know how to pack and steer a canoe. After a 3 hour paddle (including a 300m portage) we will arrive at our camp. Since this is a true interior wilderness camp we will have to bring everything with us, including the tents.

Once we establish camp, with the help of our experienced guide, we are free to explore the lake we are on. There are several large rapids that were once used as log chutes that are quite interesting. Also, in this area it is quite common to see moose grazing by the edge of the lake - we have seen over a half dozen in a 2 day period here!

Moose in Algonquin Park

Dinner will consist of fresh food, prepared on site, and enjoyed by the side of a blazing campfire! Afterwards, we can sit and watch the Milky Way rise slowly above our heads. The sky is so clear that you can even count satellites passing by! And if we're really lucky we may even hear wolves howling in the distance! This is real Canadian camping!

Day 3
Today we will spend by exploring a meandering river. After a short portage past an old dam used for logging, we will paddle the slow moving waters of the South Madawaska River. Since we will have to get out of our canoes to pull them over several beaver dams be sure to bring shoes or sandals for the water! Other options today include cliff jumping, swimming in a log chute, or squeezing into a secret cave behind a waterfall!

Day 4
After breakfast we will roll up our tents, pack up our gear, load the canoes, and paddle out for a new camp. We have several small portages to deal with, and 3 lakes to cross. Our destination is Galeairy Lake, a beautiful lake on the east edge of Algonquin Park. After finding a nice campsite, we will go abut setting up camp. By now everyone is an expert at setting up their tents and collecting firewood, so there will be ample time to relax, swim, read a book, or even go fishing for dinner!

Day 5
After a traditional Canadian breakfast we pack up camp and start the journey home. We will get back to our vehicle about 2 pm and start the drive back to Toronto or Maynooth.

Ottawa departures will be Sunday morning on Greyhound bus, arriving in Maynooth that afternoon. You will be picked up on Monday to start your canoe trip.

Day 6
HI Maynooth

Day 7
HI Ottawa or HI Toronto

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